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Highspeed Motion Control, ready to shoot the impossible

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Phantom Flex 4k

The fastest camera in the world


Our Marvin®
Your Bolt®

Marvin is a Bolt, we just call him Marvin because is to cool not to put a name. He is entirely made for high-speed and precise movment of camera (or light!). With him you can achieve from a timelapse, stop-motion to a tabletop product shot. Using all kind of technology we can match camera movements, repeat in different speed and also trigger diferente actions to another electrical device (imaging fireworks, a bulb or even a practical effect).

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Marvin could shot a single water drop and follow from the bottle to the cup

that doesnt mean is only for tabletop productions. Imagine you can shoot a football player, a car, an entire commercial with just one take.
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10 m/s

Really, really fast movements.

Tracks for more space

Marvin could be between 10 meters from side to side

Any Camera, Any Format

Marvin can handle every camera in the market: Arri, Red, Phamtom, Sony even 35mm Cameras!

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Emotion & Equipment is a team with the technical expertise to provide production companies from Spain & Europe solutions in high speed in motion control equipments. For all the audiovisual industry: fiction, commercials, music videos and also events. We can help in the technical procedures to achive a great shot minimizin time and money without compromise creativity and making imposible shots as fas as blink of an eye.

Skilled Professionals.

Our team has more than 6 years shooting in the high speed & motion control world.

State-of-the-Art Equipment.

Always pushing forward the technology, with Bolt from Mark Roberts, we can adapt to any space and budget.

Are You Looking for a Phantom Flex 4k?

In Emotion we love high speed, that why we always have a camera ready for you

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Want to be more precise in technical specs?

Here you can download our brochure, with height, weights and any little detail about Marvin® our Bolt®.


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and be creative, we could help you out at any time, come to our facilities to meet us and urdestand the technology, we know its important for Directors, DP & Producers. We always want to be on board for new challenges.

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